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How do i zip more than 1 folder and keep the dir tree

  • I have on my computer a folder call (work) this folder has all the files i work on regulary, in this folder there are several more sub folders called IE Word, Excell, Access, Lotus Organizer and so on all with the associated files in them.

    What i wanted to do is to make a zip or a backup of this work folder plus another 3 folders.

    The problem is no matter wich way i do it Power Acrhive zips all the files but puts them all in the same folder. i would like to keep the dir tree intact if it is possible to do this.

    The zip files i have made are ok but there are quite a lot of small files and if i wanted to retore 1 of them it would take ages to find the one i want it would be easer if they were in the original folder.

    Hope someone can help

  • This looks like an wrong setting.
    Whe you add the files, make sure that “full path info” is selected. It is also possible to select “Relative path info”

  • Hi thanks for the advice but i have tried it with the full path selected and it still takes the files out of the folders they were in and puts them all in one folder. i then have to sort them out.

    Not sure if this is the best i can expect with this progam or have i got something wrong

  • conexware

    enable option under, View> Explorer display view.
    You will see the folders then. With normal view, folders are saved and shown under “Path” column.

  • Thank you for the advice i have tried what you have said and it works fine.

    Thank you so much for your help

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