Problem with multiextract and passwords

  • Hi, i have various rar passworded archives. The passwords for the files have been added to the password manager. I can extract the archives 1 by 1, but when i try to multiextract them I get the password window coming up, so i click on OK, thinking the password manager would supply the passwords to powerarchiver as it is part of it, so i wouldnt need to type them in again. but it comes up telling me crc error, but as i said i can extract them if i do it 1 by 1.

    another note: if i move the password protected archives to another folder, and try to extract 1 by 1, the password isn’t used either, and i have to type it in. even though i have already typed it in, but as soon as i move the archives back into the orginial folder, and do the 1 by 1 extraction it works.
    so the passworded files have to been in the same folders as you entered the password into the password manager otherwise its useless.

    so it looks like the password manager isn’t supplying the passwords to either the multi-extract or arccovert part of your program.

    see my other post. Hope these problems can be fixed.

  • conexware

    yep, PM is not used in Multi Extract or Converter at this time.

  • OK thanks for the quick reply. Think I’ll add that as a wish to the next version then.

    Why does the passworded file have to be in exactly the same folder as when you typed in the password and saved in the password manager, and cant be moved. aka to CDRW / CDR or another partition / folder. Surely it would be better to be able to use the same password for the same archive and not have to type it in again but be able to move the file around. aka using the crc to check the file is the same, even if in a different folder or renamed as the crc wouldn’t change, i dont mean for changing the type, aka zip to cab, or rar to zip, just changing the name aka to
    the crc would be the same, as it is only filename changed. not filetype, or filesize.

  • conexware

    Did you add this to your wish? If not, add it there as well. (Check for PPM archive via filename+crc check and not filename+path).

    thanks - closing this, reply to your wishlist post.

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