Encrypt Shell Extension: Multiple Files?

  • Did a forum search but I couldnt find anything. When using the encrypt shell extension I noticed I cant select multiple files. I can only select and encrypt one file at a time.

    Any ideas? TIA

  • I would have thought that “batch encrypt” - all using same password should not be encouraged.

    Why not simply “compress to” a single archive (e.g. TAR) and then encrypt that one?

    Still, if you have a need - this should be in Wish List. :D

  • I dont want to double post, so maybe our good mod will move the thread.

    In the mean time, I’ll select all files, compress to… then encrypt. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • conexware

    it might be a bit confusing, but pae format is single file encryption format made to be used with archives. PA will act smartly and automatically open archive when you open pae file, making it transparent to the end user.

    Reason we left Encrypt option is just as extra option for the users. It acts same as Encrypt tool.

    This is also why you have Compress & Encrypt shell extension, and plus pae checkbox in every compression option window…

  • Thanks! I’m learning more about this than I knew a few days ago. I’ve been going through the help file section by section and its all making sense now.

    When I first posted, I thought encrypt was the same as compress & encrypt. Goes to show what I knew :p

    So to make sure I got the shell ext. correct…

    • Encrypt is used for existing archives
    • Encrypt & Compress is used for a file, thats not compressed already.

    So going back to my request, as of current (1) I would select multiple files, shell ext. compress to… then (2) use shell ext. encrypt.

    Otherwise for single files only perform step 2.

  • conexware

    you could use only compress & encrypt, since it lets you add as many files as possible…

  • I must be some kinda moron. I never tried selecting multiple files and enabling the Compress & Encrypt shell ext. After I saw it didnt work with the Encrypt only option I never tried doing it again.

    Now everything makes sense and I fully understand what you meant by saying you left the encrypt option in there even though its not really needed.

    Thanks for your patience and replies! :)

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