Problem with registering PA on Windows 2003 Server

  • I have a server that many people access to run reports on. I have installed PA on the server to compress the files for easy distribution. However, when anyone but me logs in, it says PA is an evaluation.

    How does one setup PA to take the registration code for anyone who logs in to this server?

  • First I think there is a licensing issue with multiple users and a single license. But I’ll try to answer this as best I can.

    Whats happening: You installed PA and registered it. The registration information is unique to your logon\account. When another user logon, the registration information is not present. But it shouldnt be.

    If users logged on to your account, they would be able to use PA as it is registered on your account\OS installation.

    Where I think the licensing issue comes in is that you want multiple users on remote machines to be able to run PA as registered when in fact your the sole licensed user.

    So I believe what you need to do is obtain a multi-user license that will allow X number of users to run PA entirely.

    You could then argue that the software is installed on your machine only. But the fact that its being used under different accounts is the issue. Again I am assuming these people are accessing it remotely. Which by the terms of the license would require them to purchase their own copy. You cant purchase one copy and provide it to other people to use.

    Not unless these people are sitting at your machine. Then it would meet the guide lines.

    But wait for an official word on the matter. I may be incorrect on several points.

    Edit: Some solutions I didnt think of though… Since these people are only decompressing the reports they dont need a registered version? I dont know if PA has a time limit or not.

    Or. You could create self extracting files. That would mean these people wouldnt even need to run PA at all. Might be more convenient too.

  • conexware

    Please contact us via support link at the top of the page.

    You can automatically register PowerArchiver for all users on server, however, you do have to have license for remote users (which is separate issue). For more info, contact support.

    I am closing this thread.

    thank you!

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