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    First post here, so here goes:

    I purchased PA and Kaspersky AV, and after looking in the options of PA, saw that you can use an AV application to scan archives. However, the list shows AVPM.exe, which I believe was used in an earlier version of Kaspersky.

    After browsing to the Kaspersky AV executable (avp.exe) I tried to use that as the scanner, set that up then closed PA.

    Then after opening an archive and choosing to ‘Virus Check’ the file, all that happened was the main Kaspersky interface was launched. Does anybody know of any other way, or any command line arguments which I have to include in the options dialog?

    Thanks for any help.

  • You need to use avp.com. For more information check out the help file section "Working with the program from the command prompt "

    Something like “avp.com scan %1” (where %1 is the file/folder name) should do the trick

  • conexware

    is kaspersky 6 actually out? I thought it was still in Beta… best AV ever.

  • Should be out officially on 15/05/2006 (ie. tomorrow).

  • Yep, KAV 6 is gold!!

    Far better than anything else on the market!!
    Doesn’t eat system resources and is fast!!
    Love the iStreams technology!!

  • From the PowerArchiver help file:

    The Virus Scan operation performs the following actions:

    1. Creates a temporary folder

    2. Extracts all files in the current archive to the temporary folder

    3. Runs the virus scanner against files in the temporary folder

    4. Deletes all files in the temporary folder and removes the temporary folder

    So you use Kaspersky Anti-Virus from the command-line to scan the current directory:

    avp.com scan "%CD%"

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