My Skins: Updates & Discussion

  • I thought I would start and maintain a thread related to my skins. Since the site doesn’t maintain a “Last Updated” I’ll post news and changes here.

    This is the place if you want to submit feedback, ideas and of course problems.

    Current Skins
    SmoothVista, SmoothLime, LongHorn, Slate & Poisoned

    (i) Currently I am working on two new skins and also performing numerous fixes and enhancements to existing skins.

    One issue in particular I am taking care of is the drop down arrow button located net to the Open button. I’ve managed to make it pretty slim in size allowing more space on the toolbar. So all skins will be updated by the end of the month.

    (ii) Aside from one skin author who loves rating 1’s on all my skins, I have gotten some great feedback from other users! So regardless, I will continue creating skins and I am looking forward to any and all feedback.

    (iii) Suggestions for icons and toolbar images. Icons are the hardest thing to do IMHO. Mostly because creating an icon that represents “compression” while looking different from other apps is a challenge. So what do you think?

    Toolbar images. What do people prefer? OS related images? 2D or 3D? Colorful or ?

  • conexware

    We all appreciate your work Mark :-).
    Every new skin you do is better than ever.

  • Thank you! I also see that myself and other skin authors had their ratings adjusted. I’m sure they appreciate it as well.

    This weekend hopefully I can release my latest work. “FrostBite”. Its a blue theme with bright colors and gradients.

    Its optimized to allow PA to load faster on launch. So far it out performs any skin I have made thus far. But we will see how it performs for other users ;)

  • conexware

    cant wait :-)

  • I really do enjoy all you skins. Some more than others, of course. I think Poison is really great. That is the first skin that I haven’t had to change the toolbar icons for. I do however have that skin greyscaled, which looks really good. I like the green look (a la SmoothLime) but there’s just something about grey…I do appreciate you fixed the previous archive button; that was driving me nuts. It was just wasted space.

    Also, don’t worry about abviously overcritical rankings. Anyone that has used one of your skins knows they are among the best.

    I never thought I’d say this but…I hope I get frostbite.

  • Alpha Testers


    imao, your Posined skin for PA is a duplicate/rip off of the NVIDIA WindoBlinds theme which is available at nZone, but do correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Yes its heavily based on the NVidia theme. Many of the graphics were tweaked and adjusted, while other images were re-created to match the theme.

    The skin was supposed to be an exact duplicate so it could be used with the NVidia VS and WB. Copyright of the NVidia name prevented me from using it. So it was renamed.

  • @n8chavez:

    I never thought I’d say this but…I hope I get frostbite.

    Always nice to get positive feedback. Thanks!

    I submitted the new skin and it should be available soon from the skins page.

  • Frostbite is still not there…

  • conexware

    should be up tonite…

  • The skin is now available. You can get it from the main skin page.

    PixelPirate has created two very nice skins. Excellent work! Check them out when you have the chance.

  • New skin coming after the holiday weekend. Updates to existing skins will follow. Mostly minor fixes and smaller file size on disk. Always a plus right?

    Look for the new skin Tue or Wed.

  • I’ve updated the following skins…

    +Toolbar background (Gradient is now light to dark to light)
    +Options window has new black tabs to match the scroll buttons
    +Adjusted Tool bar button hover size and color
    +Trans. button relocated since its not visible under Win9x

    +Caption bar now has sculpted effect
    +Scroll bars modified (added gripper and changed buttons)
    +Trans and rollup buttons swapped since not visible under Win9x

    +Relocated Trans button since not visible under Win9x
    +Fixed Scroll bar and Scroll button issues (please report problems)

    +Mostly bug fixes

    All skins have minor bug fixes and smaller file sizes.

  • (i) This last week I have been working on porting the MyPA skin to Opera. It will feature the same color scheme and orange buttons & effects.

    Also, I’ve incorporated our beloved PA icon into the email client - replacing that ‘other’ archivers icon :cool:

    (ii) Monday I hope to start a new PA skin, but its too early to settle on a color theme. I’m going to try something that has a bit more dimension.

  • conexware

    heh, that skin is nice… It might make me use Opera :-).

  • Give it a try when it comes out of beta. There are numerous new features and bug fixes. Improved page rendering etc. Its come a long way in the last year or so.

  • You mean your Opera skin is ready? It must not be listed because I can’t find it. I’ll be waiting over-eagerly for it.

    YEA!! Now Opera and PA have the same (matching) outfit :)

  • @n8chavez:

    You mean your Opera skin is ready? It must not be listed because I can’t find it. I’ll be waiting over-eagerly for it.

    YEA!! Now Opera and PA have the same (matching) outfit :)

    The skin is almost ready. A few more days I think. In the mean time, here is a preview…

    Edit: 6/14/06 The skin is now live on Opera’s web site. Enjoy!

  • Here is a toolbar that didnt quite make it into a skin. You can save the file to your skins folder and select it from the context menu.

    32x32 buttons. I didnt know what to call it, so give it a new name.

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