Bad registry entries

  • I have just installed the new 9.61 Italian version of PA.
    Well done!
    I changed some parameter (for example “Non cascade menu”) but no change appeared. I checked the registry and I saw 2 sections: PowerArchiver and PowerArchiverI (italian I suppose). I copied all the “ShellExt” subsection values to the “PowerArchiver\ShellExt” (english) subsection and now all works well.
    PA Italian version write correctly in the “PowerArchiverI” section but read some parameter (not the whole) from the “PowerArchiver” section (english).

    I uninstalled PA 9.51 before I install 9.61

    What can I do?
    Thanks for supporting.

  • conexware

    We noticed the problem with Italian shell extensions, it should be fixed soon. Check back tonight…

  • Ok, I will check it.
    Thanks a lot!

  • I answered back to the “Shel Extension” thread.

    With new version 9.61.03 the problem is solved.

    Anyway, on the download page there is no different date stamp indicating the version was updated.

    I suggest you to put (if possible) also the minor version update number.

    Thank you for support.

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