Repair ZIP Archive…

  • Hi,

    When using Repair ZIP Archive it repairs the zip file (it says “145 out of 148 files were OK”), so that I can then open it in PowerArchiver, but when I go to extract all of the zip contents I receive two more error messages (both the same): “Unexpected end of Zip file. Probably the file is corrupted or missing spanned file.”

    And in total it extracts only 90 files. Any way to extract all the files (145) it reports as being OK?

    Are there any further improvements planned and/or being made to the Repair ZIP Archive tool for an upcoming release of PA? (It is a very handy tool to have.)

    Thanks for any help.


    (running Windows XP Home)

  • conexware

    what kind of damage did the zip archive endure?


  • Hi spwolf,

    The zip archive had been stored on a CDRW disc: most other zipped files on the disc extracted ok.

    Regarding that first reported error message, I came across it when attempting to extract all files at once.

    I have now encountered these two other pop-up error messages (applicable to several files) during my attempt to extract the files one at a time from the zip archive: “DynaZip Secure UnZip Error: Bad CRC” and “CRC Error. Continue?”


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