Bug in pa for outlook when attaching files to re:/fw:-messages

  • i found a bug we can reproduce in pa for outlook with outlook xp (in outlook 2003 it works fine): when i hit the re: or fw: button on an email and i attach a file (for example a pdf document) and as soon as i hit send, the compress dialog appears correctly (i configured it like this) - but then: another signature will be added. this is quite a strange behaviour. so i have this at the end each time:

    • wrongly added signature-

    my text

    • normal signature -

    can you please fix this? that would be great :)

  • no solution? :-( … sniff

  • conexware

    we will check it out and let you know.

    p.s. what is wrong signature? same as normal one, or something specific to PAOP?


  • the signature itself is fine, but it’s just set again on top of the message. i even can’t remove it manually, as the compress dialog doesn’t allow me to edit the message at the same time.

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