Can I have my icons back? Please?

  • For real. I downloaded the skin: Jaluran and all my PA icons changed. Alright. So I switched back to the default skin. I still had Jaluran’s icons.

    I deleted the Jaluran skin. Now all my icons are ‘Unknown’ file type icons.

    In Explorer, Tools, Folder Options, File Types - I went through and changed the icon for every PA file type. Deleted the iconcache and rebooted.

    Here is the problem. When viewing at 32x32 or 48x48 the PA icons are normal and as they should appear. But. When viewing List or Detailed view they change back to the Unknown file type icon.

    This was never such a headache when changing skins prior to installing 9.6 final and Jaluran skin. Who ever thought to pack icons into a skin made huge mistake IMHO. Icons should have been made optional. Or separate downloads.

    So… What do I do now? And once its fixed how do I keep from losing my icons when downloading a new skin? Or am I always going to be forced to use what the skin author packs into the skin file?

    [End Rant]

  • conexware

    For now, yes. Did you try using “default settings” under Options menu, and did that help?


  • conexware

    p.s. Under WinXP, PA does change icons back when you set default skin, at least on my computer, anyone else?

  • Thanks for the reply!

    I did manage to fix the problem. I went to Options > Configuration > File Formats and re-associated my file types. Re-booted and my icons came back.

    Its just my opinion, but I think there needs to be an option similar to…

    Use PA Default Icons

    Use Theme Icons

  • conexware

    what you could do is manually delete icons from the skin, and it will work great.

  • Can I do that without applying the skin first? When skins are downloaded they are single file. When I open a skin file in PA I get a prompt to either use the skin or not.

    So to avoid the issue I would need to remove the icons prior to installing the skin.

  • conexware

    if you open the Skin, and say No to installation, it will open the skin file for you. You can then sort it by type and delete icons. Re-Open the file and then install it…

  • Thanks! I appreciate the solution + instructions.

  • conexware

    we will probably have this as an option in X.

  • I have the same problem on this with those other skins…so i wonder should I include icons on my next skin? If it tooo troublesome for other users?
    Pls Advices

    thanks. :)

  • conexware

    hint: icons for board are great :-).

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