Again relative paths

  • Hi,

    I’m using 9.51 (International) on WinXPSP2.

    What I tried todo was the following:

    I have a large ZIP which is 50 megs big, deflates to 350megs and has 20.000 source files. It has only relative pathes, means something like


    There is no c:\ or something.

    I unpacked it “somewhere”, changed some files and wanted to readd those files at the same position in the folder hirarchy, so they replace the files already in the archive.

    First I tought: open it in pa, simply mark the file, select “replace” from the context menu…but there is no replace ;) Ok, that was too simple to expect. (And some older forum posts seemed to expect “that” function too).

    So I tried to add/replace them with “relative” path. But this doesn’t work here. I opened the big zip, PA shows everything. I try to add them with the “add” function, but it seems it has problems to determine what “relative path” is in a zip with only relative paths. It never adds the “relative” path to it. It only works with “full”, which I don’t want.

    Maybe I need to fix this somehow with the PACL, but I wanted to ask first. Alots of Java-based libraries/applications come with relative pathes-in-zips/jars, and it always annoyed me that it was so mighty complex to replace one or two files - with small projects I simply rebuild the zip/jar (with pacl) scripts) everytime, but not in a 100megs zip ,)

    So my question is: what is the proper way to “replace” a files in a relative path zip/jar, in this structure:


    “test” lies here on “d:\work\stuff\test”

    I want to “replace” 5.dat, so it stays in the path. And I surely don’t want to unpack 40 directorys to “root” drives ;)

    thanx alot

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