In regards to support for 7-zip archives.

  • i have been using powerarchiver version 9.25 for quite a while now and figured i would attempt to get a response in regards to the one problem which has made me hesitant to upgrade, let me explain;

    powerarchiver 9.25, the version i use, supports 7-zip compression [like all recent versions of powerarchiver supposedly do], but after compressing a set of files in 7z format, when i open the 7z archive, i am unable to delete any type of file from within the archive, as well as prevented from editing the file names within the archive. i figured this was a version specific issue and opted to wait until a newer version was released. when 9.26 was released i uninstalled 9.25, scanned over my registry settings in windows…to make sure there were no inconsistencies, and finally installed 9.26. upon attempting to work with files archived in 7z format with 9.26 i was disappointed to find that not only was this version of PA unable to open certain 7z archives, but the ones that i created with PA it’s self, would always end up being empty, completely empty. so i uninstalled 9.26 and re-installed 9.25, i am still able to compress and decompress 7z archives, but still unable to edit or remove files from within a 7z archive. i have seen several complaints on the forums about powerarchiver’s 7-zip support, so i have opted not to upgrade to 9.50 or 9.51. can anyone tell me whether they have experienced any similar issues with the 7-zip format in powerarchiver? also whether or not versions 9.50 and/or 9.51 support editing files from within a 7z archive? any other information on the topic would be appreciated as well. any-way, thanks for listening, looking forward to some informative responses.

    (p.s. i use windows xp sp2 and have a [roughly] 1.8 ghz amd sempron 3200+ processor [one of the few semprons with support for running 64-bit software])

  • conexware

    With PA 2006, you will have up to date 7zip support. You will find no issues with opening 7zip files (older versions had older 7zip dlls which had problems), however you still wont be able to edit 7zip files.


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