Plugin To Outlook 2003 Failed

  • Help me please!!

    Because isn’t it working plugin for outlook 2003?? The installation procedes correctly, but it doesn’t work! Can they help me please? URGENT!!

    Thank you very much!

    Paulo Neto

  • conexware

    do you have PA >9.2 installed as well? Was Outlook turned off?

  • Thank you for reply. But I didn’t understand. I have PA 9.51 installed. What it means with “Was Outlook turned off?” Please…

    Thank you!

    Paulo Neto

  • conexware

    When you go to Outlook> Tools> Options, do you see PowerArchiver tab? If so, then PAOP is installed. What kind of file are you trying to send?

  • When I open Tools> Options the doesn’t appear Tab PowerArchiver. I don’t know, because I have PA installed, Outlook in installed English. Everything is apparently correct. I unfortunately think that can’t use this plugin.

    Is there a way to know what is happening?


  • conexware

    Did you close Outlook before you startered installation of the plugin? I personally use it with Outlook 2003, there is no reason for it not to work.


  • Yes. I closed Outlook 2003. I deinstall now the PA and I installed again. But doesn’t actually work :mad: !!

    Sorry for this work all. :(


  • It would like to seize and to ask a thing. :rolleyes:

    Because are there some 5 years I score translate PA for the Brazilian Portuguese and you neither answer me? I already translated PA in the version 6.11. I think that would be very interesting to translate this program Brazilian Portuguese.

    Thank you very much again!! :)

    Paulo Neto

  • I have PAOP working on all three of my machines without any problems.

    I had PA already installed. Closed Outlook 2003. Installed PA Outlook Plug-in. Started Outlook 2003 and everything has been working great. It has continued to work just fine without any problems through several upgrades of PA.

  • Just done this again to check:-
    Close Outlook.
    Uninstall PA Plug-in (and delete sub-directory).
    Install PA Plug-in.
    Start Outlook and the PowerArchiver tab is present and it works.
    Using PA Plugin 1.10.02 with Outlook 2003 SP2.
    Windows XP SP2.

  • WOW !!! :p

    Now it yes worked. After a lot of tests discovered that the problem was in the subdirectory “Outlook”. I proceded the installation directly in the folder “PLUGINS”. Worked very good!!! ;)

    Thank for yours help!

    Paulo Neto

  • Glad to see you got it working. I use it all the time.

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