PA 2006 9.60 Beta German - Wrong version display

  • First I have installed the new (german) Version of PA.
    When I extract an archive, “Powerarchiver 2004” was shown in the title display.

    PA2006 9.60 (german) uninstalled - PA2006 9.60 (installed)
    Now extracting the same archive file, “Powerarchiver 2006” was shown.

    I have opend “POWERARC.EXE” (german Version) with PSPad-Hex-Editor. After that, I searched for the string “2004”. There are more than one search result with this string.

    It’s no bug - just the wrong version display.


  • conexware

    thank you. Few other translation issues will be fixed in PA 2006 9.6 Beta 3 as well.

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