Automatic Uninstall PA2004 / Install PA2006

  • Hello everybody,

    we use PA in our Company. Now we will upgrade every Client to PA2006.
    How is the most efficient way?

    Only updating to PA2006 without uninstalling PA2004 leaves entries at “Control->Software”.

    Are there any commandline parameter to uninstall any version of PA2004?


  • conexware

    of course, same as for PA2006. Check your advanced installation instructions that came together with your registration key (if you dont have it, resend it from your account).

    Its always better to use our support email from our contact page for questions like this one:


  • There are no uninstall instructions in the Advanced Installation Instructions. I am staring at a copy dated March 2nd with 3 pages and there is nothing about uninstalling the program.

  • conexware

    You can use uninstaller in PA 2004 folder, with /very silent switch…


  • That works great! I used the following:

    “C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\UNINST.exe” /verysilent /norestart

    Then I ran the PowerArchiver 2006 installer from the server with the same switches.

    Then I ran the REG file to setup the Default Serial Number and Registered Name.

    It wiped it out and reinstalled it wonderfully.

    Thanks again,

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