9.6 Beta: New Skin Engine

  • The skin engine is great and I love the new skins. The only problem I have is when launching PA it takes up to 15 seconds for the application to start.

    During this time the PA window in unresponsive and is not fully ‘painted’. As seen in the attachment, the right scrollbar is unskinned while the left is. Column headers appear ghosted and unskinned.

    PA will load and window painting will complete. But some times it takes a while.

    This wasnt an issue with 9.5 and the old skins.

  • conexware

    please turn on classic view and let me know how long it takes now.


  • Classic view about 2 to 3 seconds I would say. Much, much faster.

  • conexware

    it is not because of skins, but because of your current folder in explorer view. If it is deep inside your hard drive, it might take a while for it to read full contents and all other folders (depending on the speed of your hard drive).

    You might want to set your current folder to predefined location such as C:\ (Config> Folders)

  • Thanks. I set it to C:\ and th time was reduced to about 5 seconds give or take. I see after playing with different startup folders that the time is affected.

    I may create a root folder to store my PA scripts and use that as a startup.

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