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  • When i try to set PA to use AVG virusscanner. AVG doesn’t work properly. On the site of Grisoft i’ve found this message:
    If you would like to use AVG for checking files in WinZip archived files, it is necessary to use the following configuration parameters within WinZip, as shown below:

    WinZip->Options->Configuration->Program Locations

    Scan program:

    Program Files\Grisoft\AVG7\avgw.exe


    /SE %d_

    I did it just as above and then only the test center is started.
    The error message that AVG gives says:
    Object: %d
    Result: cannot open; not checked!

    Maybe someone got his working, so i can get it working also.
    This is the only thing i found on the site of grisoft

  • conexware

    someone emailed us few months, maybe an year ago how with recent AVG update, that stopped working. Since we didnt change anything, it definetly isnt something on our side.

  • In WinZip the %d parameter is substituted with the drive and directory where the temporary files to be scanned are located.

    From the error message, it looks like PA does not replace the %d in the command parameters with that information.

    PA’s helpfile does not give any information on how replaceable parameters should be specified in the AV setup.

  • @spwolf:

    Since we didnt change anything, it definetly isnt something on our side.

    It would help if you add an option to give the path and filename to a commandline scanner.


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