Vista and power archiver

  • I try power archiver 9.51 on windows vista (build 5270) and I have small problem. It crash! I think it’s the skin engine that conflic with the AERO visual system. How can I disable the skin engine WITHOUT starting power archiver.

  • conexware

    you can delete registry entry of PowerArchiver (or uninstall/install). Are you sure it is an skinning problem though? Did it work before you used skins?

  • I’m new at this and I really don’t see where to post my own new questions. However, I found a download that is listed as’mIRC New releases and then the date.’ When I try to decode it, Powerarchiver says it can’t do it…and suggests I decode the last posted release. I presume there is an e-book in this release. Is there a problem with it coming from mIRC? I’m at TIA

  • any word on vista support? :)

  • conexware


    any word on vista support? :)

    not until they stabilize development a bit more… right now they are changing too many things in every build and our anti-piracy tools dont like it too much.

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