USB drive incompatibility?

  • I have the most recent version of PA2006 running under WindozeXP-SR1.

    I tried this on 2 different USB “flash drives”, both SanDisk, on a USB1.1 on the motherboard and USB2 on a hub, both exhibit the same behavior. (There is no problem when I do this from the hard drive.)

    From Windows Explorer, select files from the desired directory on the USB drive, right-click, choose “Compress with options…”, from the window that opens up choose “Add.” Error message comes up saying that “You can use only Automatic spanning mode on removable drives.” (I did not make any selections in the spanning section; I left it in the default: blank and greyed out.)

    If I repeat this but instead choose “Compress to” from the right-click menu, there is no problem.

    However, if I delete the .zip file that just got created and now try it all over again by going back and choosing “Compress with options…”, but now I go to the spanning section that’s blank and greyed out, and choose “No spanning…”, there is now no problem.

  • conexware

    thanks, we will check it out

  • conexware

    I don’t think the problem is with PowerArchiver.

    This option was selected when then “Add” window showed up. The option cannot be disabled and grayed out for ZIP archives and was showing “Automatic” becuase the last archive (before this) was probably created on a removable drive.

    Profiles are saving your options all over the PowerArchiver - so when you last time used spanning options, the PowerArchiver remembered that there was this option turned on last time.

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