PA can open 7-ZIP SFXs!

  • Just out of curiousity I tried to open the 7-ZIP file manager setup exe with PA and it worked! Cool! Please try and get 7-ZIP SFX capability in PA soon!

  • the author is looking into 7 zip sfx capabilities they can open them but creating them will take time as they are updating 7 zip support.

    They are the only program to support sfx 7zip outside of the 7zip file manager at the moment.

  • Actually DavidSplash Zipzag 1.62 supports 7-zip and has 7zip full creation of Selfextracting 7-zip archives already. i have it installed only for that purpose but am awaiting it in Powerarchiver so i can remove it.

  • that program only recently had that support and it is verry buggy i tested it out and compared it with the 7 zip file manager and it came a way below par. It crashes and makes 7 zip archives that do not suppot full unicode and it only uses the old way of creating 7zip sfx files that is a new way that 7 ziup foile manager has.

    Powerarchiver is taking its time to get it right not jsut includ it then sort out the bugs as that program has done well seems to have done.

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