Happy New Year - 2006!

  • conexware

    Just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR from us at ConeXware, Inc. :D

    While most of us (and hopefully most of you) are resting at their homes, enjoying holidays with their families, we are still working on some new things for our loyal users. Expect new beta’s within next few weeks, and few alphas of completly new product from ConeXware, that we plan to release within few months.
    Expect few more translations to come within several weeks as well.

    Long term, we already have long, but still growing list of things we want to implement for PA 2007. As you might already know, we usually start development of next major release in March, so keep your ideas coming to our Wishlist forums - deadline to any major wish would be March of this year.

    Once again, Happy New Year and get some rest before going back to work or school.

    PA Team
    ConeXware, Inc.

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