7-zip executable files…

  • Does powerarchiver have the ability to create 7-zip executable archives so that they’re self extracing? If so, I’m not seeing them :(

    Powerarchiver is great to have 7-zip capabilities but without being able to make a self extracting 7-zip executable it makes it almost useless to use for any web based download as most users won’t have the software to extract the files.

    If powerarchiver doesn’t have those options, will it ever in the near future?


  • At the moment PA does not support creating 7zip self extracting files.
    It has been mentioned before see (among other examples)

    Also, PA Help file states:

    PowerArchiver’s 7-Zip limitations: Currently, PowerArchiver does not support several features already found in 7-Zip: AES encryption (both read and write), SFX creation (extraction works fine), and detection of solid archives (which is why we can not update files inside 7-Zip archives). We plan to add these and other new 7-Zip features that become available in future PowerArchiver releases.

    So, it is coming.

  • No worries :) Thanks for the information though. Definitely still supportive of Powerarchiver as there isn’t a better “all around” tool available :)

  • only 7 zip file manager at the moment supports 7zip excutables will be alsong shortly. They are changing all the time so please be patient and it will come

  • conexware

    Currently you can only create 7Z SFX archive with 7-ZIP Manager. PowerArchiver only supports extracting 7Z SFX archives.

    We shall see if we can add somehow support for creating 7Z SFX archives for future versions. I will talk about this with author of 7-ZIP.

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