Unexpected end of zip file ?

  • Hi,

    I downloaded version 0.2.4c of WAMPP from http://optusnet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/xampp/wampp-0.2.4c.zip , however I don’t know if the file is corrupt, or if there are problems with PA ??

    The error message was “Unexpected end of zip fie. Probably the file is corrupted or missing spanned files”.

    I was using version 9.26, then upgraded to the latest version, 9.50 , and got the same message.

    Also, I do not know if the downloader I used (TrueDownLoader) is the cause of the problem. The file is about 25 Mb, so I’m asking here first, before I go and try and download it from another location.

    The problem could be sourced from:

    • TrueDownLoader
    • The actual archive (zip fle) is corrupt.
    • PowerArchiver

    Can someone else please try downloading the file mentioned above, and either do a ‘test’ on the ZIP file, and try to extract it.

    I did run PAFIX, and although PA told me there were 4,431 files, the results from PAFIX said something like “3808 out of 3826 files were okay” ??

    I’m running this on Win XP pro SP2, latest motherboard, 512 Mb ram, so I’m sure it is not a resources problem.



  • Well, the direct link didn’t work - but I found the “versions” site at http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=61776&package_id=58299

    0.2.4 is an old version :p anyway -
    From the 0.2.4 link I used the Belgium mirror and downloaded wampp-0.2.4c.zip
    Size : 25.2 MB (26,473,212 bytes)
    Size on disk : 25.2 MB (26,476,544 bytes)

    PA Test - OK
    Unzip into folder wampp-0.2.4c and got
    4431 files, 651 folders

    So it looks like you did have a download problem.

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