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Sevenzip folder

  • I have noticed a SevenZip folder in the douments&settings/application data area. Has this been created by PowerArchiver?

  • Well, for what it is worth…
    Assuming you meant “documents and settings” rather than “douments&settings” :-

    I don’t have have a “documents and settings\application data” folder at all.

    Also I don’t have a “documents and settings\all users\application data\sevenzip” folder.

    Also I don’t have a “documents and settings{user}\application data\sevenzip” folder.

    Also I don’t have a “documents and settings{user}\Local Settings\application data\sevenzip” folder.

    I do have both PA and 7-zip installed though.

  • conexware

    PowerArchiver does not create any folders there….

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