Bug in multiple span CUSTOM 2Gb

  • It looks like there is still a bug when I use

    OPTION: Multiple Disk Spanning at around 2 Gb (2,000,000 Kb), in PowerArchiver Version 2005 it was exactly at that size, now it’s worse, it looks like PowerArchiver bugs at any value around 2 Gb

    Who knows a solution to this problem (apart from giving a 1,5 Gb value, solution which works)

  • conexware

    this is from main PowerArchiver> New Archiver> Advanced> Custom Spanning?


  • Just tried this (with 7z format):
    I get file sizes reported by Windows Explorer as 1.90 GB (2,048,000,000 bytes)

    This is correct - 2000000 x 1kB = 2000000 x 1024 Bytes.

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