Archive Convertor zip -> 7zip handle leak?

  • Yesterday I converted a large zip file(195,452 files 1,479,437kb) into a 7zip with maximum compression, over a network share(100mb). Besides taking forever, 6 hours, I noticed that the number of handles were going up alot, 146838 when the conversion was finally done.

    After it got done I noticed that there was an update to 9.00.33, I was running 9.00.00. Attached are some screen shots of task manager as well as an error(Failed to set data for ‘MainForm1280x1024Left’) I got when trying to exit powerarchiver.

    I noticed there were bug fixes and optimizations in 9.00.33, but I haven’t had the motivation(6 hours) to see if this issue was already addressed.

    powerarchiver_end.jpg = after the conversion got done
    powerarchiver_close.jpg = after clicking exit and getting the error message.
    powerarchiver_closeerror.jpg = close error

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