PAE problems

  • Win XP Pro/SP2

    In PA 2004 I could open a Zip archive, add files to it and then encrypt the Zip to pae. If at a later date I wished to add more files to the encrypted archive, I could do so, with the “Update archive” option enabled under “Miscellaneous”. Thereafter, opening and decrytping the archive would reveal the added file(s).

    This is very useful when building up a zip gradually, encrypting all the while, and then sending finally to recipient i.e. keeps data secure all through the process.

    In PA 2006, I try to do the same thing, and my screen flashes, but the file(s) being added do not appear in the archive. Nor do I get the “update” message at all.

    I have checked and rechecked all the settings, played around with them etc but no way can I get this to work properly.

    The preferred encryption is AES 128.

    Any ideas, anyone?

  • conexware

    thanks - we will check it out!

  • I have had another look at this pae problem. It seems that if PA is not skinned with the 2006 Interface Skins, then the problem arises (i.e. this line/option is left blank).
    I have applied the Green Metal skin, and this seems to solve the problem.
    Create new zip archive, add files, encrypt and delete original zip. Then open pae, add a file and it works OK.

  • conexware


    this has been fixed in 9.51. Please check it out.


  • I have had a try or two with 9.51 and it seems OK now.

  • conexware

    great, closing this one…

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