Possible Bug with View files

  • Alpha Testers

    Today I was viewing an archive of pictures.
    As usual I selected to view all in the associated program,Windows picture and fax viewer.

    I viewed all the files in the archive but I could still go on. Strange I thought.

    After some searching for a reason, it turns out that any graphics in my Temp folder were being included in the view.

    Surely this shouldn’t be the case should it ?

    I don`t remember this happening in any older versions of PA.

    Using PA 9.00.30


  • conexware

    This is not PowerArchiver bug.

    Here is what happends - there are some graphic files in TEMP folder extracted maybe from this archive before (some other options - Open, View, …) but maybe not from PowerArchiver - any other program can leave graphic files in TEMP folder. And when you choose to view with associated program (for example default Windows Picture Viewer), this program has also < and > buttons to go to back and next file in the folder. So this picture viewer doesn’t know which files are selected in PA and which are not, and it goes through any file in the temp folder.

    If you were using our internal viewer feature, you wouldn’t have this bug, since PowerArchiver knows which files can be viewed (only selected).

  • Alpha Testers

    Thanks Ivan.

    Thought it might be something along those lines. :o

    Just wanted to make sure.


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