Pa 2004 + Pa 2006 + WIN x64

  • I had 2004 installed on my 64 os. I then installed 2006 on top of 2004. The shell extentions arent there?! I am just in the process of uninstalling both versions and re-installing it. Shouldn’t there be something in the installation that does this?


  • First uininstall and then reinstall. It muist be installed in the program files. Not in PF (x64)


  • @guido:

    Not in PF (x64)

    PF(x86) you mean :D

    I did notice that 2006 had installed in there previously.
    Ive sorted it anyway;

    • Uninstall
    • Delete Folder
    • Reboot
    • Install

    Shell extentions are there now.

    If you need any testers with x64 platform, I do use a few OSs including longhorn, x86 win and x64 win so I am willing, have the time to do testing, and testing software is my career. ;)


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