"Location of part of archive" revisited

  • I know I’m not supposed to duplicate forums, so I’m sorry! But this way, everyone can view it, and the topic won’t slide! :D

    The bug applies to all spanned archive types!
    If PA cannot find the next part of the spanned archive, simply prompt for it’s location!
    Spanned archives on CDs simply cannot be extracted with PA unless all files are in the same directory.

    As I said, if the z02 file is on another CD/drive, PA should pause extraction, prompt for the location of the z02 file, and continue extracting! The customized form that PA has for selecting files/folders could be used.

    Is this feature hard to implement?
    This would be great for 9.6, I think!

    What does everyone else have to say?

    PS: PA 2006 is great! Keep up the great work!

  • pa needs better work when working with zip disks and cd and cdr + cdrw

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