Drag and Drop extract context menus in Win XP 64

  • Hi, I’ve been using PA for a while though this is my first time in a 64 bit environment. Under windows 32 I could drag and drop an archive to another folder (with the RM button) and the context menu it presented to me would have the PA shell extension options for extraction. Now in Windows 64 these context menus aren’t present when doing drag and drop though they are during a standard right click.

    This topic may have been covered though my forum reading didn’t uncover something specific to this question. Is this just a nature of Windows 64 and the way context menus are now handled? My PA install resides in D:\Apps\Tools\PowerArchiver so obviously outside the \Pro Files (x86)\ directory that could cause problems. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. I basically want to know if this is expected or not.


  • I uninstalled all previous versions, deleted folders from programs and x86 programs folder, rebooted and installed 2006 version, oppened and associated all files and now i am able to use right drag menues.

    problem fixed : )

  • my mistake, only right click menu came back, the EXTRACT HERE option from right draging still isn’t functoning yet : (

  • conexware

    We shall work on this for next update - final 9.5 didn’t have this function on x64.

  • Hello,

    What’s the proposed implementation timeframe of this one? Been a few versions since 9.50 and haven’t heard anything about this one yet.

    Just hoping for an update.


  • conexware

    It will be implemented in 9.60. 9.51 is the only update since 9.50 and it is only with just few smaller updates.

  • Thank you for the info and quick reply. Looking foward too it!

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