PA displays the incorrect skin

  • When I was compressing files (right clicking and selecting 7-zip) I noticed a flicker before it would actually start compressing. So I selected a larger file (11MB) and I was able to catch the problem. I have the Longhorn skin selected, but when PA first starts to compress it starts with PA default skin and then switches to Longhorn skin.

    I’ve attached pictures.

  • conexware

    We are aware of the problem, but although skin is loading during form create (it cannot load before), we will see for the next release, what we can do.

  • conexware

    I thought it was much more noticable than that! :-).
    I guess I am the one with the slowest computer on the block.

  • I guess I need to update my signature, my wife let me buy a new computer with an Pentium D 3.0 Processor. I have to say, I really like the new machine, but that is off the topic, so i guess I’m finished. :D

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