Foreing characters problem

  • After lost of tests we have actualy one big problem with PO. If the name of archyve file contain foregin characters (like a chines, czech and some another) file cannot be extracted, and apear to be corupted, if user rename file it’s fine, but users don’t want to rename it. :(
    We use english version 9.20.07. Did someone know something about this proble?

  • Also there is a problem when you create archyve file and then reneme it using foreging characters - after reopening it seams to be empty. :eek:

  • conexware

    With which format (ZIP, 7Z, …) do you see this problem?

    Which operating system are you using?

  • ZIP, RAR… we can lately tested with another… :-)
    Windows XP SP2, English, with instaled support for east asia language.

  • conexware

    did you try using PA2006?


  • Yes same problem apear in PA 2006 (today downloaded)

  • conexware

    Does this happend when extracting through shellextensions, or when extracting in main window?

    If in main window, try opening directly (File -> Open) dialog, than by double-clicking.

  • @hitokiri:

    ZIP, RAR… we can lately tested with another… :-)
    Windows XP SP2, English, with instaled support for east asia language.

    When checking, Zip format is not the ‘best’ if Unicode is being used.
    See this thread

  • conexware

    Aditionally, do you have language set in Windows for “non unicode” support? Thats the crucial one here!


  • Same problem here. I tried on WIN XP SP2 With/without east asian characters support turned on and Win2003 without.

    Both PA2005 and PA2006. Problem with characters in the file name and file path. Either ZIP, 7z, or even ISO. The OEM conversion seemed to have no effect. When double clicking on an archive PA2006 reported the file had read only only attribute and should be modified. It attempts to modify it and states it failed. The opens a blank screen. When attemped to open an archive from within PA it states it is corrupt. 7z’s archive program has no issues.

    Files inside 7z with foreign characters are not a problem the uncompress fine once you rename the archive’s name.

    The other new thing I saw last night was file inside an ISO with foreign characters are skipped. PA2006 did not crash nor report errors. The other files before and after the files with foreign characters extracted fine.


  • conexware

    Is support for non-unicode programs turned on for that language? You can turn it on in Control Panel> Regional and Language> Advanced.


  • Yes the Japanese code page conversion was checked off.
    PA did work when I set the “Language for Non-Unicode programs” was set to Japanese. But this set all the old programs to use Japanese charaters.

    The 7z program had no problems with uncompressing the files even with no language control panel changes.

    Seems like a unicode wasn’t used when reading the filenames or passed from windows.

  • conexware

    The problem is because windows application created with Delphi do not support UNICODE program parameters, so the only solution is when using this option and converting those unicode to similar ANSI (using specified codepage).

    Since while opening from explorer, filenames are passed as parameters to PowerArchiver, this is the only way to use it now.

  • Thanks.
    I think that addresses the issue. As long as the development team know what the issue is and what is causeing it. It is up to them if/when they fix it. (or complaining to Delphi.)

    This points the problem out with several other utilities too.

    Don’t forget about the ISO image decompressing ignores filenames with foreign charaters without any messages.


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