Drag-N-Drop folder with relative path problem

  • There is a problem when trying to add a single folder to an archive (using either PA 9.26 or 9.50.26 (PA 2006 Beta 7)).

    Say that for example that I have a folder heirarchy on my disk something like:


    Each folder has files in it, and an Explorer window is open to Folder1.

    If I have “Use Normal Relative Path” unchecked, and I drag Folder2 to an archive open in PA, the archive gets the contents of Folder2. This is what I expect when the Normal Relative Path option is off.

    However, if I have the Normal Relative Option checked and I drag folder2 into the archive, the folder heirarchy that gets put into the archive starts at Folder1, not folder2 as I would expect.

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to get folder2 into the archive by drag-n-drop except by having folder1 above it.

  • I can confirm this !!
    IMO this is a serious bug.

    I also reported this bug in the internal alpha bug forum some time ago

  • Hey, I just downloaded PA 2006 RTM, and this problem seems to be fixed!

    I can’t believe this got fixed at such a late stage in the release cycle.

    Thanks very much!

  • conexware

    you are welcome…

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