Cannot create usable 7z archives

  • Hi all,

    whenever I try to create a 7z archive, either from the shell or by using the “New” command inside PA, I get an empty directory. I mean, the file is there, PA takes its time to create it and the size seems just right, but when I open it I simply see 0 files inside. If I choose “extract to…” the directory is created, but remains empty. ZIP format works fine instead.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for the help,

  • Well, works for me ( I am using PA 9.5 beta 6).
    What version of PA are you using?
    When you open the 7z file - is this “classic” or “Explorer” view - have you tried both?
    What is the folder name - what type of contents (filetypes and subfolders)?

    There is a problem when there is not enough free disk space (PA beta does not display an error) - could this be it?

  • conexware

    I suppose you are using 9.26. There was a mistake in final 9.26 - we are correcting it very soon.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • 9.26 indeed :)


  • Just an FYI (since I have been waiting for some announcement), the 9.26 download now is for 9.26.02 which seems to have fixed this problem.

  • Thanks a lot, I’ll be sure to try it ASAP!


  • When this happened last time, the files were still in the archive, just not viewable by the problematic build of PowerArchiver. You could use the utility to get your files out. I think it was related to the 7z contianing iso files over 1gb.

    That problem was fixed, and PowerArchiver can now open those files with no issue whatsoever.

    With this new problem is there any way to get data out of files?
    The new build of PowerArchiver still shows them as being blank, even though it hopefully will no longer create them. Also the utility has no luck either.

    It is quite disconcerting to think that data that was stored safely away in an archive is just gone and no longer accessable.


  • Still experiencing dissapearing files in certain 7z archives even after the latest 9.26.02 update.

    Hope this problem goes away for good soon and that affectfiles are not lost forever.

  • @jjarman:

    Still experiencing dissapearing files in certain 7z archives even after the latest 9.26.02 update.

    Hope this problem goes away for good soon…

    Well, the “latest” update is PA 9.5 - currently still in beta, even so, this should solve that problem.

    and that affectfiles are not lost forever.

    I have never experienced this problem, so cannot comment on affected archives.
    This is why you should always check your archives before deleting the original files.

  • conexware

    I have a feeling we are talking about several different things here. 9.26.01 version had an problem with creating 7zip files, which was not in relation with any other bug.

    Whole 9.xx>9.26 7zip support has issues with some specific 7zip files in a way that it could not read it but it could be read by 7zip FM. Complete code was changed in 9.5 release so this problem does not exist anymore, in >9.5 releases.

    Anything else is an separate problem needing its own thread. If files “dissapear” from 7zip archive, and can not be read by 7zip FM, then this would not be PA specific issue. I do have to say that nobody reported anything similar to this so far.

    So, for best 7zip experience, or rather for best PA experience, use PA 2006 9.5, as with every other PA release, not only it has more features, it is also considerably faster.

    thanks, closing this tread!

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