TBX © by Alex A. Denisov?????

  • I saw this text in the About PowerArchiver screen:
    TBX © by Alex A. Denisov

    What is TBX??
    Just curious!


  • By Alex Denisov. TBX package is an extension for Toolbar2000

    In addition to Toolbar2000 features TBX provides:

    Support for native and WindowsXP themes for all components;

    Customizable layout for toolbar items;

    Variation of font sizes;

    Multi-line captions;

    Combo and list boxes embedded in menus or toolbars;

    Color selectors;


    Dockable panels (similar to task bars in Office XP);

    Page scrollers;

    as well as many other features.

  • Thanks, I get it now!

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