Cant extract files from bzip2/ppmd zip

  • i used the latest winzip 10 and i created a zip file using one of teh of the new formats. not remembering that, i tried extracting teh files from the archive to no avail. i tried using the latest beta of PA and still nothing. is using winzip 10 my only recourse?

  • conexware

    Yes it is, PPMD is WinZip’s own extension to ZIP format, and PA does not support bzip extension to ZIP format.

    There is no reason to use these new formats in WZ as they do not provide anything beneficial to the use but destroy and divide ZIP format itself. If you wish for better compression, you can use 7zip which is widely used and can be read by tens of different programs.

    I am closing this thread. There is an wishlist thread in the wishlist forums about the same topic which you can check out and respond it.

    thank you,

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