Compress & Encrypt Problems

  • I’ve just run into a few issues with the compress & encrypt feature.

    1. I’m compressing a large directory that takes a very long time. Once it FINALLY finished, it asked for the password. I chose a long password, but guess I got it wrong on the “verify”, and PA completely quit! it didn’t ask for a password again…just quit. I lost all the time it took to compress the archive. If you choose manually compress, and choose the encrypt option, it asks for the password BEFORE it starts compressing, so you can just walk away, and have an encrypted file at the end. So there should be 2 fixes for the compress & encrypt. It should ask for the password before compressing, AND it should not just fail if you don’t get the password verification correct. It should reset itself and ask for the password again.

    2. Is there a way to set a default compress & encrypt option? I’d like to always compress & encrypt with 7-zip instead of zip.

    Thanks for your time,


  • conexware

    Hi Joshua,

    thanks for the info, we will check it out. As to compress and encrypt, you can set it up in Configuration screen.


  • conexware

    I have added small question box to try again if the password didn’t match for next release!

  • :) great. how about asking for the password first, so i don’t have to watch for it to finish, and have it hanging waiting for a password?

  • conexware

    I will consider this as a wish for future version - so far no changes in final 9.0.


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