Beta2 - handling incomplete multipart RARs

  • Beta 2 does not seem to handle extracting files from an incomplete multipart RARs (e.g. for sampling the start of a RAR movie etc.). I.e.

    -“Extract here” on a part001 extracts files OK and presents an “insert part002” message

    • Files extracted can be read OK etc.
    • Then pressing cancel deletes extracted file(s) but takes 30-60secs to close at 100% CPU.
    • Also if the next part (e.g. part002) is in folder (but incomplete as still downloading) when above is done then Windows throws a fit and can send all processes into “not responding” mode.

    It would also be nice if Powerarchiver had a “keep broken files” options such as that in WinRAR.

  • conexware

    unfortunatly, this feature is not implemented in 9.5…

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