Danger issue!! Almost lost important files…

  • I’m testing PA 9.50.20 (registered).

    I’ve checked the following setting: “Use normal relative path”.

    File format: 7-zip

    PA View: Explorer Display style

    What I’ve done:

    1. I have a main folder named “Test folder” with 2 subfolders; there are files in the main folder and in its subfolders;

    2. I’ve right clicked the main folder (Explorer) and use “Compress to “Test folder.7z””

    3. After compressed, I’ve opened the file (“Test folder.7z”) with PA (of course);

    4. Then, I’ve selected and drag one file from the main folder (which is shown right away in PA window) and drop in the same folder where “Test folder.7z” was created (where the main folder is too).

    5. the file that I’ve dropped was uncompressed without any problem;

    6. However, the 2 subfolders I’ve mentioned were empty!! PA deleted all files!!

    Fortunately, the compressed “Test folder.7z” was the last backup (I didn’t have changed the original files…).

    I was able to reproduce it in a test folder…

  • Problem still occurs in beta2 (9.50.21).

  • conexware

    I could not reproduce it originally, and it was too late for b2. We will check it out for b3.


  • As soon as beta 3 is available I’ll test it and report the results here. Thanks.

  • I believe this is fixed in 9.5 beta 3.

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