Any SFX changes other than PAE in 2006?

  • Hi there,

    I was wondering if the latest version offers anything new in the shell extension to create SFX/EXE to control some of the SFX options like default unzip directory and such - as detailed in this thread. Just asking since the thread was so old and I just realized that the 2006 version went official Beta - but don’t currently have a non-production system to test it on to see about this myself.

    Side note- as a workaround, with PA 2006 (or would it be PACL if/when updated) is there any command line feature to create SFX archives that could take any or all of the SFX options passed as arguments?

  • conexware


    We have not added anything to the shell extensions for SFX handling. We could do it, so it will be featured in one of the future PA revisions, as soon as more “urgent” things are done…

    It does help to get reminded though! :-)


  • Thanks for the response, I guess to fit in with your current conventions you might add something like a Create Self-Extracting ZIP + Options… option or something eh?

    Any word on alternatives, to be able to create SFX with a desired path and such through command line args or something?

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