My registration hasn't come through!

  • Hi.

    I registered powerarchiver on or slightly before the 16th of July. So far I have had no registration codes sent to me. :mad: Can you confirm please that you have recieved my payment and that I should indeed be registered? If so, can you please send me my code? The email address does work, I’ve used it to send a test to myself and also used it to register with these forums. @

    Also, I have written in via the support link but still recieved no answer.

    Many thanks.

    Mike Barnard.

  • conexware

    Maybe our emails are being filtered out by your antispam filter? I have resent your info to you, per your email request and responded to your email.

    You can also login to your account at:

    and resend your info by yourself. Let me know if that works.


  • :D

    I now have a properly registered copy. I feel so…. holy now!

    I think the holder of my domain has some issues with blocking. I can’t get any emails from Yahoo groups for example. Still, not the end of the world.

    Thanks again.

  • conexware

    thank you :-)

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