PA 2006 Beta 1 - Problem w/ Modern Skin

  • I’ve run into a small nuisance with PA 2006 Beta 1 9.50.20:

    Once you select the Modern Skin it can be difficult to remove it from being used.

    Set the skin to Modern, then if you subsequently select almost any other skin, you get a combination of the 2 skins (both in appearance and in the fact that both are checked on the menu).

    It seems that selecting “Default - Large Icons” will clear out the Modern skin setting, but most other selections result in a combined appearance.

    Also, while playing around with selecting various skins repeatedly to verify the behavor while I was posting this message, I got an Access Violation:

    Access Violation at address 004E3272 in module ‘POWERARC.EXE’. Read of address 00000030.

    In case it matters, I installed 9.50.20 over an existing installation of PA 2005 (without uninstalling first).

  • conexware

    selecting default will indeed reset the skin. Since you installed it over PA2004, you have left over toolbar skins, so when you select one of them only toolbar changes. And when you have selected skin+separate toolbar skin, PA will indicate so by placing checkmarks next to BOTH of them. Only real skins installed by PA2006 are Fruit and Modern…

    thanks for AV, we will check it out…

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