License Issues?

  • Hello!

    Can we distribute the power archiver 2001 to our students for free for the user using the class period just for unzipping items for the class? It was the freeware version I believe…

    Thank you

    Kieran Mullen

  • @kieranmullen:

    … power archiver 2001 … was the freeware version I believe…

    Check Help/About PowerArchiver for the precise version …
    Version 6.11 (March 2001) was the freeware version.
    Version 7.0 (August 2001) was the shareware version.

    Just check the file “License.txt” included with the version you intend to distribute.

    Edit: Even though it is freeware, I wouldn’t recommend using 6.11 - the current version is much better. Conexware do offer discounts for “educational institutions”, see the Buy Now page for contact details.

  • It seems to work ok for the students.

    We current have Version 6.11 (March 2001) the freeware version.

    So may we continue to distribute?

    Thank you


  • yes

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