Creating archives of sortcuts

  • Hi,

    I wante to archive the Sample pictures shortcut in My Pictures. PowerArchiver archived the actual folder and not the shortcut. The Zip file was then plkaced in Shared Pictures and not My Pictures.

    Is this how it’s supposed to work?

    Wouldn’t it be better to create the archive in the directory where I told it to? Or at least tell me where it’s made the archive so I don’t have to search for it?

    Also how do I archive a shortcut? I may not always want the file the archive goes to to be archived.

  • I don’t think that PowerArchiver could compress through a shortcut link the main file. I don’t even know any archiver that could do that, but it could be useful. You should write it into the wishlist.

  • Well mine seems too!

    I wanted to compress the Shared pictures shortcut in My Pictures and it archived the actual pictures inside Shared pictures and put the archive there.

    I would like to ask that PA archive the shortcut and place the archive in the directory where I used the context menu to create the archive.

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