• Im from germany and wait for the german translation! I visit the Download-page everyday since the pa 2004 release but dont see the german version for it!
    I think its not so difficult to translate this version because there are only few words changed! Why need this so much time?? You neednt translate the whole interface, need you?

    Please explain it to me - i think that the german version must come out few days ago the english release…

    | Greetz thX SpAwN oF Da T.D.F. |

  • it takes time. the authors of powerarchiver are not tecnical expert in languages except english so they reply on people translatying their software for them.
    The help file needs to be translated as well don’t forget that

  • thX for reply…i understand now!
    I can offer german translation support (i already opened a thread in translations but nombody replied)…

  • conexware


    we are using our previous german translator to do the translation. Hopefully all of the translations will be finished in August. It will take a bit of time since help file has been changed quite a lot, and it takes a lot of time to go through it. Luckily we have made it simple now to update program translation so future translations should be easy.


  • Thx for answer,
    ok i understand it! Im will be here after the Vacation in September and get the german translation! When i find a problem i post it in this thread, ok?

    SpAwN oF dA T.D.F. –- greezly!

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