Archiv compression diagram vice versa

  • Wouldn’t it be better if the archiv compression diagram is vice versa.

    means that the green part of the diagram is at the top?

  • Why??
    The blue area is the original (uncompressed) size and the green area is the current file (compressed archive) size.
    So the compression results is a file of less size than the original.

  • this is not correct.

    th whole area is the original file. and the blue area ist the current file !!!

    Original File 401Kb
    ZIPPED 370KB

    so YOUR impression was wrong !!

    that’s why I find we should change the current diagram

  • I see.
    So what do you believe the 10% means?

    If your interpretation is correct (I have no reason to assume otherwise) then the diagram should show the original size (total) and the compressed size as the percentage.

    So when the compression has reduced the file size by 10% it should be that Blue is original size representation and green should be 90% (not 10%) is that what you meant?

  • exactly !!

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