Sfx support

  • new program

    installtion rounties.

    encryption aes and oea
    command line
    add own descrption to the about box on the sfx
    to beable to open the sfx thia powerarchiver without having to open powerarchiver to do this.

    more sfx support i.e more formats cab (we already have) 7zip, etc.

    more options to install software mentionsed above.

    and one else have any ideas what to have?

  • Youre very right! i said in an earlier thread that you must make SFX-Wizard much better!
    I miss:

    • Encryption
      • more file formats
      • Changeable icon and information Window and language (like in Cornishs SFX-Maker - i still using that very good app!!)
      • some options for software installation
      • more customisable window and about messsages

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