Shell extension compress to with date/template

  • I frequently have to generate zip-files from folders. I do this using compress to xx and then renaming to where YYYYMMDD is the current date.

    A more generic approach would be some template mechanism. A bit like php-date command. For example:

    current time: year (%Y), month (%M), day (%D), hour (%h), minute (%m), second (%s)
    newest time of file or folder in zip: %LY, %LM, %LD, ….
    time of selected folder: %SY, %SM, %SD, …
    an automatic increment: %I (if creating a zip file twice a day without overwriting it).
    base name of selected: %N
    extension of selected: %E
    compressed file default extension: %C

    my job would be solved by: %N %Y%M%D.%C
    but %LN %LY%LM%LD-%I.%C would also be nice.

  • Sorry, it is not clear from your post.

    Are you requesting this for PA (GUI) or for PACL (command line) version?

    PA(GUI) would have to be extra “options” dialog.

    PACL parameters for archive naming control could be useful.

  • My idea was for PA, especially as explorer context menu entry.
    But for PACL it would be nice, too.

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