• Alpha Testers

    Although the priority of compression programs is to do just that compress I’m just wondering if the team maybe has any thoughts on giving PA a makeover as other programs namely cough winrar cough have done recently.

    granted PA is very easy on the eyes and easy to use but do you guys think a slight tweak in the toolbar department or creation of toolbars by members could be a possibility in the near future?

    at the moment the creating of the skins is a little limited to say the least.

    just thought I’d pose the question…
    I for one would like to throw a few skins forward if the opportunity ever arose.


  • It already is a possibility.
    Feel free…

    Note: You don’t have to be a member.

  • Alpha Testers

    yes I know it can already be done…but it just seems a little outdated and restricted in the manner that it is done compared to others.

    I’ve experimented with both programs recently and I have to say winrar is a little more flamboyant in it’s appearance these days which of course doesn’t appeal to all users but it is another nice option to have for those that want to explore the skinning side of programs.

    anyway…I just thought I’d ask the question in regards to the standard of graphics/icon design being improved upon these days.


  • conexware

    Hi Mike,

    It all depends on how good is the look of toolbar skins/themes, thats what WR does now and what PA has done for quite a while now (4 yrs? or more?).

    Of course, 9.5 will do even more :-), but we gonna wait for few more weeks for that to be shown :-).

  • Alpha Testers

    Just thought I’d bump this little topic with a screenshot of a toolbar I’m currently using thanx to some fun icons I obtained.

    hopefully the later releases of PA will let us perhaps improve on this even more.

    sorry for the bump!.


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